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Firgun is a Hebrew word that translates to English as the sincere pleasure in another person's achievement or experience.

It's not just a lovely word; it's what we fundamentally believe. Let's talk about your future, how we can best support and be a cheerleader for you to achieve your successes.

    And let’s face it: most of your organisation already has its eye on the honey:

    Measuring margins; profit; EBITDA. The outputs.

    Firgun believe that if you have the right people in the right culture,

    with the right supportdirection and leadership, then high performance is a side effect. 

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    About Firgun

    When someone says employee engagement or culture, what do you imagine?

    Do you picture an energetic, vibrant environment with fun and perks and prizes?

    It’s not an unusual view – but it’s also not quite right…

    Employee engagement isn’t about employee fun and frivolity. It might be fun – but that’s not its core motive. Its motive is to engage all your people in your overall strategy and your organisational objectives.

    The behaviours needed in a funeral directors are different to those required in a fintech, and both require different engagement strategies.

    Part of that engagement approach is our culture.

    Culture is like the wind. It either blows with us, helping us towards those objectives or it might blow against us, making everything a little bit harder (note: more expensive).

    It influences the activities, approaches, actions and behaviours occuring in our organisation.

    It determines how people behave and make decisions when the CEO isn’t in the room – which is most of the time.

    "If you think engaging employees is expensive,
    then you should see how expensive disengaging them is."
    Danny Wareham
    Business Psychologist

    How do you invest in your biggest asset?

    According to the Gallup State of the Workplace report, less than 15% of UK employees are actively engaged in their work.

    Purposefully-engaged employees are more productive, loyal and have fewer accidents. They reduce costs associated with attrition, talent attraction and inefficient presenteeism:

    💰 2.5x Revenue Growth
    📈 18% Higher Sales
    💉 50% Fewer Absence Days
    🚫 43% Lower Employee Turnover
    👍 24% Higher Net Promoter Score
    ❤️ 12% Higher Customer Loyalty

    Engagement isn’t about creating great places to work; culture creates places where great work is done.

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