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Firgun is a Hebrew word that translates to English as the sincere pleasure in another person's achievement or experience.

It's not just a lovely word; it's what we fundamentally believe. Let's talk about your future, how we can best support and be a cheerleader for you to achieve your successes.

    And let’s face it: most of your organisation already has its eye on the honey:

    Measuring margins; profit; EBITDA. The outputs.

    Firgun believe that if you have the right people in the right culture,

    with the right supportdirection and leadership, then high performance is a side effect. 

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    Culture is about your people; not what you want out of your people.

    Creating spaces where all can contribute purposefully, without fear of ridicule or reprimand is Firgun's mission - and we evangelise it at every opportunity.


    Danny Wareham

    An accredited member of the Institute of Leadership and developer of Constellation Leadership. Using psychology to deliver sustainable people, process and practice change into your employees and organisation.