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Firgun is a Hebrew word that translates to English as the sincere pleasure in another person's achievement or experience.

It's not just a lovely word; it's what we fundamentally believe. Let's talk about your future, how we can best support and be a cheerleader for you to achieve your successes.

    And let’s face it: most of your organisation already has its eye on the honey:

    Measuring margins; profit; EBITDA. The outputs.

    Firgun believe that if you have the right people in the right culture,

    with the right supportdirection and leadership, then high performance is a side effect. 

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    • Case Study – Fintech

    Case Study – Fintech

    Large payment-processing fintech,

    operating across UK and Ireland

    Client Goals

    • Innovate new products and services
    • Nurture function towards customer centricity
    • Create an identity within wider corporate structure post-merger


    The client recognised that they had a challenge, but was unsure of how to approach.

    Following a merger/acquisition, R&D had been centralised and a shared services model introduced. This had reduced innovation and smaller operators were beginning to take market share.


    In the previous 18-months, the client had been merger with a larger fintech organisation. As part of this, several core functions had become centralised across the business, reducing control and influence within those shared services.

    Operational focus was on improving customer experience through contact and field sales efficiency. But with limited resources and an unclear understanding of where to begin, progress had been slow.


    In creating an innovation culture, we first examined the senior leadership team, their relationships, and their day-to-day working practices.

    This identifed opportunities for building cross-function sharing of vulnerabilities and successes – particularly for comparible approaches within the individual departments in the wider function.

    The remdial activities included:

    • Leadership development course, utilising psychometric assessment to build inter-team relationships
    • Recommendations for approaches to reward & recognition, Internal Communications governance, sales incentives, and team manager development
    • Refocus on drivers of customer experience, linked to TrustPilot review performance


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    • Nurtured customer-focused, innovation culture
    • Created new purpose and direction within senior leadership team
    • New experiential sales incentive methodology introduced


    • Increase in Trustpilot reviews from 3.2 to 4.6
    • Net Promoter Score improved by 8 %age points


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